James Tyson
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James Martin Tyson












5.6 kg

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United Space Command


Vice Admiral

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Vice Admiral James Tyson is the father of John and Major Jason Tyson and the husband of Fleet Admiral Maria Tyson.

Early LifeEdit

James Tyson was born on 10/25/2434 in Mobile, Alabama to a Military family, who is very honored by the UNSC Navy. And failure in the family wasn't an option for James when he was at the age of 12 the young man was being trained by his Father to be the very best and prepare him for the UNSC Academy when he became the age of 18 he shipped out for the UNSC Academy.

UNSC CareerEdit

First AssignmentEdit

After James Graduated from the Academy he was posted to the UNSC Commonwealth that was on patrol for any Rebel forces that were planning to stir-up trouble along the outer colonies, James Tyson met his future Wife on the planet Harvest during a routine stop to check on the planet to see if the Rebels are causing trouble again.

Rescuing MariaEdit

While on the surface James lead a patrol through the city to make the Rebels know that the UNSC isn't going to lay down and watch them try to scare the colonies back to Earth, Just then a Grenade explodes and the team runs towards it and sees that the house of Maria Malone was destroyed but they found no body of the young woman just a damaged holo-imager with a message to the UNSC Troops on the surface to leave the planet or they'd kill Maria. The Strike force followed the signal to an abandon warehouse and they had an all-out firefight with Rebel forces till back-up arrived and they were able to repel the Rebel forces but not without Maria being wounded by a knife to the stomach she was rushed up to the UNSC Commonwealth where she found out that she's pregnant with two boys.

Meeting his sonsEdit

In 2514 James is already an Admiral and in command of a Battle Group that is stationed in the Epsilon Eridani System and Maria is an Admiral as well after it was reviled that she was an UNSC Spy assigned to test James's resolve for the job and he passed with flying colors and the two married in 2456 and she gave birth to her two sons in 2514.

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