James Kozak
Biographical information



Date of birth:

c. 2542





Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:

Light Blue

Political and military information

Spartan tag:



Command Staff Sergeant


"You're not from Earth. They leave the dogs outside. "
—James during a conversation with Spartan Derek Frost.

Command Staff Sergeant James Kozak, is a SPARTAN-IV commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to the UNSC Infinity, being a member of Fireteam Punisher. James was a former SPARTAN-III Headhunter.


Early careerEdit

Not much is known about James' past, however that he was born an orphan on Jericho VII.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

As he was recruited into the Spartan-III Headhunter program, he participated in multiple black operations against the Covenant. He was eventually put into a Spartan fireteam as the Headhunters were constantly being wiped out.

Battle of TributeEdit

Deployed alongside Fireteam Sablo, during the evacuation of the civilian population. The fireteam was deployed planetside to assist the devastated UNSC ground forces. There were very light civilian casualties, but the Spartans were eventually overrun by the Covenant and killed in the capital city of Casbah, with James watching their execution. After that event, he proceeded to escape using a Bank Shuttle to escape to UNSC Controlled Airspace.

Post Human-Covenant WarEdit



Recently recruited into Punisher, James is debriefed after an test interrogation.

After being tested to see if he was still combat fit, James was put into Punisher Team.

In 2558, Punisher participated in the Second Battle of Requiem, where they were deployed via Pelican to destroy AA weaponry destroying reconnaissance drones, during which, it was shot down by Forerunner Anti-Air, and caused it to crash on a remote island located 50 kilometres from Copernicus. Punisher, led by Jack, and housing two new members, Spartans Kevin Ryan, and Conor Smith, they eliminated the AA guns, and requested extraction for survivors from the UNSC Infinity. A short time later, whilst James, Mark, Faith and Jack were deployed to provide security for a recovering Armored Division, the UNSC Infinity was boarded by Promethean and Covenant forces, splitting Punisher into a smaller group due to the deaths of Spartan Ryan and Spartan Smith during the fighting.

After which, they assisted Fireteam Zulu during an HVT recovery mission, unfortunately resulting in the loss of Zulu, and injury of Jack due to an overwhelming Promethean force, and soon after, escaping aboard the INFINITY before the destruction of Requiem.

Traits and personalityEdit

List of appearancesEdit

Roads Untraveled

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