Bio Edit

Early Life Edit

Like most Spartans, James was abducted at a young age by UNSC officials to be inducted into the SPARTAN-II program. During his years of training, officials of the biological enhancement company OmniCorp heard tales of this Grade-A soldier. Scouts of this company would watch him until the Delsia-7 Incident.

Delsia-7 Incident Edit

On May 21, 2549, James and Bravo Team went to an underground facility on Delsia-7 that supposedly contained 30 nuclear ICBMs that were traded to an Insurrectionist force. After the team infiltrated the base, it was revealed that the base was actually owned by OmniCorp and the tip was only a hoax. The only survivor was James, and at the time, he was listed as EKIA.

Project BIOHAZARD Edit

James was injected with several doses of a new performance-enhancing combat drug, codenamed BIOHAZARD. He was fitted with a MJOLNIR suit called the LOKI, causing him to be constantly injected with the drug as long as the suit was on. He subsequently escaped the base with the LOKI and went back to the UNSC, only to find that his former team didn't survive.

Death Edit

"I...won't...die to the likes...of you..."

-James's last words before being beheaded

During a Black Ops mission, ironically placed in the crater at Delsia-7, James's team was killed by a Brute Chieftain kill team and the leader, Brutus. Brutus prolonged the fistfight between James and him until the drug reserves ran out of the LOKI, and Brutus subsequently decapitated James, leaving his head on a spike.

Nickname Edit

James's nickname came from two things: his last name, as a brook is a smaller version of a river, and his similarities of a river: being the ability of changing between slow and steady, fast and dangerous, and being able to have a steep dropoff, in James's case being depression caused by PTSD in his late-30s and the drug.

Combat Style Edit

James prefers a brawler-esqe fighting style, throwing heavy punches, light kicks, and being lightning fast in dodging and alternating from punches and kicks, or vice versa.

Favorite Song Edit

"Hey, I like the classics."

-James to a squadmate about his computer filled with songs by Eminem

James has shown an interest in rap, specifically late-20th and early-21st century songs. His favorite song, though is "When I'm Gone" by the rapper Eminem, as he says that this song reminds him of how he felt in captivity, away from his family.

Trivia Edit

  • James's serial number is T133, which, if the T is put at the end of the numbers, spells "LEET" in gamer speak, or, 1337 sp33k.
  • James has shown that he doesn't like to kill, as he sports a tranquilizer-fitted magnum and a taser.
  • James has an Ernest Hemmingway-esqe bipolar depression disorder, as he is happy with his life normally, but the next time someone says something negative, he is depressed.

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