Jacob "Heavy"
Reclaimer Team Jake
Biographical information



Date of birth:

March 5, 2511

Date of death:

August 19, 2552 (aged 41)






193 kilograms (430 lb)

Hair color:

Brown (graying)

Eye color:


Political and military information

Spartan tag:


Years of service:


Group and Team:

Beta Group

  • Reclaimer Team


Chief Warrant Officer

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"I'll flush them' out if they deserve a war"

Chief Warrant Officer Jacob "Heavy " B053 was a Spartan III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attatched to Special Warfare Group Three and was the cousin of Jorge 052. Jake was the Chief Warrant Officer of the team which fought against the Culdon Cult during the Reclaimer vs Culdon war.


Early ChildhoodEdit

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War of the CuldonEdit

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Traits and PersonalityEdit

Like Jorge, Jake is that had seen as much action, if not more, against human militants as Covenant forces. Described as being very difficult to read, he was free with his opinions, vocal in his support of provincial self-rule, and just as vocal in his condemnation of the separatist and insurrectionist movements. He was shown to be empathetic and caring toward civilians; a trait few other Spartans shared. He was also particularly attached to his home planet of Reach, going so far as to sacrifice himself in order to save it.

Like all SPARTAN-IIs, Jake had seen almost thirty years of action during his career and showed no signs of breaking or slowing. In a performance report, he was noted as "inspiring confidence in those around him" and being "rock solid" despite his long military career; this was credited to the fact he was a SPARTAN-II, and was thus considered superior to conventional soldiers in every respect. Jake was fluent in the Hungarian language; he speaks Hungarian at various points, including one instance where he introduces himself by saying, "A nevem Jake" ("My name is Jake"). This is likely due to the fact that Reach, Jake's home planet, had a significant population of Hungarian descent. Jake himself was from Pálháza, a city on Reach that shares its name with a Hungarian town on Earth.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Like his cousin Jorge, his signature weapon is a M247H Heavy Machine Gun, although the only thing that Jorge dosen't use is a M319 Individual Grenade Launcher and as if in case, a M6G Personal Defense Weapon System. His Heavy Machine Gun never runs out of bullets and is most commonly used in any battle.

His armor ability is Armor Lock, in case if his shielding is low or needs protection if he is heavily damaged by any Covenant solider shooting at him.

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