Biographical information

Full name:

Jack Ryan


Sydney, Earth

Date of birth:

February 17, 2511




187 centimetres (6.1ft) (without armor)

195.58 centimetres (6.5ft) (in armor)


113.4 kilograms (250 lb) (without armor)

350.2 kilograms (500 lb) (in armor)

Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:

Light Blue

Political and military information

Spartan tag:





Naval Special Warfare Command, SPARTAN-II Program




Commander (CMDR) Jack-107, is a SPARTAN-II commando of the UNSC Navy's Special Weapons division. Jack is also the leader of SPARTAN-II Gold Team, an elite team of SPARTANs who fought during the Human-Covenant War.


Childhood and early careerEdit

Jack was born on Sydney, Earth on February 17th, 2511. At the age of 5, his parents were involved in an apparent murder-suicide outside their property. After a thorough investigation, Jack was placed into the care of Doctor James Ivo, a genetic scientist operating with the Office of Naval Intelligence's Section 3. He was eventually placed into the SPARTAN-II Program, training with the other SPARTANs at Reach by Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and participated in numerous training exercises, including Spartans' mission to the Military Wilderness Training Preserve.

During his training, he was noted to be an exceptional team leader alongside the four others in that specific group. However, he was known for his harsh temper towards key members of the program as well as a few of his fellow SPARTANs, which was often quelled by Danielle-139, who he had developed a good friendship with.

Procedures and Early CareerEdit

During the Augmentation Procedures, himself, Danielle-139 and Jordan-150 had a near-fatal stabilisation with their Catalytic Thyroid implant, causing specific defects. As a result, they were taken into Section 3's medical observation, and continued training up until 2525, where they were released back into Naval SPECWARCOM, and had several encounters with Covenant and Insurrectionist forces.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

Fall of Reach/Battle of TributeEdit

Jack, Danielle and Jordan were originally assigned for the SPARTAN-II contingent of Operation: RED FLAG, due to vehicular crash days prior to the op however, they were removed and placed on torch and burn protocol for ONI in several major cities. Eventually, they were placed on the UNSC Endeavouring Blade.

There are differentiating reports from both the United Nations Space Command, and the Office of Naval Intelligence as to the location of Gold Team prior to the Battle of Earth. The UNSC claims that SPARTAN Gold Team was deployed to Casbah City on Tribute, however ONI claims that the team deployed was SPARTAN Black Team.

Battle of EarthEdit

On November 14th, after an emergency jump from Pluto to Earth, SPARTAN Gold Team was deployed to Sydney, Australia. Dropping into Bondi Harbour, they engaged and destroyed multiple Covenant Anti-Air emplacements located along the Sydney Harbour coastline, eventually reaching Bravo Six Facility, the UNSC's High Command operations base.

They defended the base from the 14th to 16th of November, and repelled combat forces until the sudden arrival of SPARTAN-117 and the Forerunner Dreadnought over Africa drew the Covenant away from the city.


"By my wishful thinking, Jack is a lethal vector. He is also a Spartan with compassion."
—Colonel Sam Cutter in the Phoenix Performance Report.

Jack displays many similarities, both physical and mental, with the four originally picked team leaders during the program, with whom he never often worked with. He is an exceptional leader and a 'beam-like focus' when it comes to pressure. Ivo remarked, however, that he has a concrete focus on the 'responsibility for humanity', and empathises too deeply with members of his team and others. Unlike many of the other Spartans, he is an extrovert and is often very social.

As of 2552, he had fought in more than 95 campaigns. He is the Spartans' most recognised member, next to John-117. He is well known for his 'ability' to anticipate and empathise with hostiles, so as to predict their behaviour and combat their advances.

Jack has brown hair, with small streaks of grey/silver which had not begun to show until 2552, and was "the perfect infiltrator", able to blend in perfectly with a crowd due to his malfunctioned augmentations, bar the visible scarring from those procedures.


Jacks's age is affected by the same symptoms of those who undergo extended voyages through space, as well as his SPARTAN-II Augmentations. By technical human Earth years, Jack is approximately 41 years old at the time of the Battle of Earth. However, during the Earth years that he has spent operating, considerable time was spent in cryo-sleep. The aging process is slowed in slipspace by deep sleep in cryo chambers, in which cellular aging can be halted almost completely. This, combined with his already-existing cellular regeneration, his biological age is almost nonexistentthan his age as measured by Earth-standard chronology.


Jacks facial appearance is somewhat rugged, with either a short back and sides cut (similar to most II's), or slicked back medium-ish hair, with medium brown facial hair. He has a scar running from his right cheekbone to the mid-top left side of his nose, as well as a slanted line running into his hairline from just above his eyebrow. His body is similar, with the original scarring from his augmentations, and in places where his MJOLNIR armor has been breached, as well as an athletic build.


His MJOLNIR MKV consisted of the COMMANDO Helmet, with the Field Tactical attachements. He wore a UA/Base Security pauldron on his right shoulder, and a FJ/Para pauldron on his left. Jack also had a Tactical/TACPAD on his left wrist, as well as a Tactical/HARD CASE on his left thigh, with the rest of his armor standardised.

His MJOLNIR MKVI consisted of the CENTURION MKVI variant, which was designed to be used as a test platform for future GEN2 prototypes. He also used the SCANNER helmet, without the optical zoom package.



List of appearancesEdit

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