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 Ivan is a useful spartan equipped  with the knowledge of advanced vehicular controls and advanced engeneering techniques wich he uses quite often in his life 


Not Much is Known about Ivan's Life Before Abduction at the age of 6, save that his father was an ODST pilot and he went to Madam Breznev's Orphanage in St Petersburg, Earth.

After Abduction, in between training sessions he was picked on by other candidates as he was one of the few accented children in the programme, one of the analysts caught a group of childern trying to provoke Ivan, and were deemed 'un-fit' and they were then sent away to an ONI center and were never seen again.

Ivan Barley survived the augmentation process, but was still able to continue training. Ivan was specially Trained with Jetpacks and conventional UNSC weaponry, though later durin the Human-Covenant War he preferred Plasma Pisols to the standard Magnums due to the faster firing rate and overcharge that he discovered by misteak when his Kneecap was broken (shattered) by a powerful kick by an Elite, in pain he accidentaly held in the trigger, Released the Charge when the trigger was released instantly killing the already wounded Elite.

Ivan was posted to Earth for Around 5 years for regaining his strength and training in advanced vehicular controls. By the end of the 4th year he was ready to fly a Pelican backwards through the close quarters of in between New York City's skyscrapers without damaging a thing. He served as a Pelican pilot during many of the battles between the UNSC and the Covenant. 

He was Promoted to Captain of the Navy during the Battle of Reach due to his Courageosness and Valor. 

In the final days of Reach Ivan was assigned to evacuate civilians and the Spartan defending them via a Pelican, but the zone they were trapped in was under heavy fire and the Pelican was shot down with Ivan still at the controls. Unconscious he was dragged out of the wreckage by Thorn (Spartan), and he soon regained consciousness, the battle was ill going and they had no way of escaping until a group of two Falcon's flew in and slayed all of the Covenant with heavy damage to the Falcon's, and that is where Ivan and Thorn met Jake, and they both escaped the terrible fate that layed before them, death. Now Jake, Ivan and Thorn are now assigned to the ship UNSC Poseidon on a five year deep space exploration journey to find new planets to expand the reach and strength of the Human Race

Weaponry Edit

Like all Spartan's Ivan was trained with the usual type of Standard UNSC weapons but his personal favourite is his customised Plasma Pistol and an Assault Rifle. 

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