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With the return of Spartan Commander Chandler in 2582 the Alliance now had eight years to prepare for the devestating force that was being built to attack Earth. The Alliance considered building their own invasion fleet and taking the battle to the enemy but it was agreed that the Dominon would perform and has performed well at defense.

Preparing for WarEdit

    The Alliance built over a thousand defenese stations, weaponized the lunar surface with missile batteries and hundreds of thousands of ships orbitted Earth. On the Earth surface Mythos stations were set up and aimed upwards constantly. The planet had become a bomb shelter with most of the civillian population moved into underground cities during the last years of preparation. The preparation alone changed human culture drastically. 

The BattleEdit

    All the Alliance species were ready when in 2590 a massive fleet of Dominion ships arrived over Earth. No one however could have anticipated the thirty Guardian ships that arrived with the enemy fleet. The Alliance and Dominoin forces converged and the destructive battle began. 

    A large portion of support into the battle in orbit was supplied by the innumerable anti-ship cannons on the surface, the dominion made reaching the surface a priority And the space engagement become a conquest of striking out as many ships as possible as the Dominion rushed for the surface.  

Skirmishes on Earth's SurfaceEdit

Once it was clear that the invasion was going planet side entire battle groups split off to land additional troops on the ground. Most notably the xXominum carrier Splitting Heaven and two Destroyers went planet side to land a massive force of xXominum troops which were able to defend the northern area of Brazil where many of the underground cities had been built to protect human civilians.


   Exhausted the UNSC attempted to turn the tide of the battle with a new weapon. While slip space had been used as an unconventional weapon in the past this would be the first intentional and pre-meditated use of a weaponized slip space tool. The main rod of a slip space drive acted as the needle for space time and ruptured the hole, the rest of the drive mainly held open and stabilized this worm hole. The UNSC removed the rod from a UNSC Cruiser and loaded it into a quickly made launching system. The rod erupted in the fleet and twisted, contorted and swallowed every ship in the region. Across the board the UNSC fired the rods by whatever means neccisary at the enemy fleet. The enemy had literally disapeared when the slip space radiation cleared. Civillian populations were forced to remain underground until protective shield cities were erected on the surface to protect from radiation and various other ruins of the battle.  

    The newly and formally designed Slip Space Missile was restricted to emergency use only and each ship could carry only one. 

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