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Icarus Thanos dressed in his SPI-ODST armor.

Icarus was born on Pompeii in 2549, his father died in 2552 on Earth and his mother commited suicide soon after. Icarus's uncle Jackson took him and his brother Fray in. 

Thanos AcresEdit

Growing up on Pompeii and being adopted into a farmer lifestyle Icarus grew up aware of the work required for luxury. Icarus worked on the farm or homework most of his years. His hobbies included swimming and hiking in the wilds of Pompeii. Icarus allegedly left behind a detailed encyclopedia regarding Pompeii's plant and animal life. The book was used in the planets global museum when it was recovered after his death. 


Pompeii and its residence usually stayed out of the direct line of war, while being a large supporter of the UNSC Pompeii had avoided the brunt of every UNSC war. The idea formed in the colonists minds that Pompeii was simply saved from the wretchedness of war. Until 2568 of course when the Unggoy Empire attacked. 

During the Battle of Pompeii Icarus was heavily involved with an ODST squad which lead to the eventual end of the battle. After the battle Icarus would attend Edwin Carlile Carlile Augustus Military Academy on Kale to become an ODST himself. 

ODST Service Edit

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