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"Backbone of the new and improved UNSC" -Advertising Slogan

Hephaestus Forges HistoryEdit

  Iconically named after Hephaestus who crafted many of the weaponry for the gods, the company rose to power with large support from O.N.I. and the UNSC Navy as the new lead manufacturer of UNSC ships. The company as granted supervised use of forerunner mining technology along with a semi-funded manufacturing station above Jupiter. The Company quickly rose to the task of producing most of the UNSC warships by 2558. 

Companies Secret WeaponEdit

Halifax Station by strangelet

Gas Giant Mining Station

  With the aquriment and access to forerunner technologies the Forges have come under ownership of a resource extraction station. The Station orbits a gas giant and uses gravitational fields to pull up large amounts of natural resources from the poles of gas giants. The companies first station was built over Jupiters North pole and acts as the companies head quarters. 

 The extractor installation allows for the instantanious retrieval of massive amounts of ship building ingredients. The ingredients are then sorted and stored in skeleton units so that the building teams assemble ships like a puzzle. 

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