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Halo: Titanfall

"Before the fall, there were the titans..."
—Official tagline

Halo Titanfall is an upcoming next gen halo game being developed by 343 Industries. The game will currently an Xbox One exclusive and is scheduled to be released in late 2015.


Halo: Titanfall's campaign offers 10 missions each lasting about 50 minuets for the average player to complete. The complete list is shown below.

1.Tutorial- Complete your Traning and become a Titan.

2.Deployment- Investigate the frigate crash site, kill anything non human.

3.Ashes- Defend the city, evacuate all civilians.

4.Ghosts in the mist- Seek and destroy all covenant AA turrets to clear a path for the invasion

5.All or nothing- Eliminate all covenant troops. Make your way torwards the launch station

6.David and Goliath- Figth to the control room, destroy the Spirit of Vengence.

7.Here be dragons- Covenant forces are making a push to ONI Bravo site with heavy firepower, kill them all




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