Halo: Lexington is a planned Halo fan film in development, started in 2016. that takes place in the early 2540s to late 2555s, following the adventures of Captain Marcia Taylor and the crew of the UNSC Lexington a Charon-Class Frigate, as the UNSC struggles against the Covenant.


The year is 2540 and the United Space Command is engaged in a brutal War with a Race of Aliens Called the Covenant, and the UNSC isn't doing to well in the war.

Central CharactersEdit

The series currently features the central characters of the UNSC Lexington as well as several recurring characters. When other stories and timelines are added the cast will obviously grow.

Captain Marcia TaylorEdit

Captain Taylor is from a family that was in the military for 5 generations and she follows the tradition by joining United Space Command,

(played by: Ashley Kalfas)

Commander John MartinEdit

(Played by: Jarvis Davidson)

Lt. Commander Kyle Clarkson Edit

(Played by: Jeremy Regan)

Ensign Lisa Williams Edit

(Played by: Delena Lusk)

'Lieutenant James MasonEdit

In 2499 on the world of Reach James Mason was born to a farming family around the Visagrad Relay, James didn't want to be a farmer he wanted to join the UNSC but his father said no but he wanted to he kept bugging his father till he broke and James enlisted at the age of 16. And he was working on how to improve the Magnetic Acceleration Gun and he graduated in 2523. After he Graduated in 2523 he was posted to the UNSC Franklin under the Command of Captain Frank Mitchell, he was posted as the weapons officer onboard the ship he met Then- Lieutenant Commander John Martin and the two became good friends, and they helped the UNSC fight the Covenant when War broke out in 2552 Reach was attacked and James and his friends got there too late and were forced to retreat from the site of battle but he was assured that his mom, brother, and sister made it from the planet but his father died defending his family giving them time to escape for an Evac shuttle. (Played by: Kevin Regan)

Ensign Kelly WilliamsEdit

(played by: TBA)

Doctor Steven Fitzgerald Edit

(Played by: TBA)


Season 1Edit

1.01 Covenant Rising

1.02 Behind the Lines

1.03 Time

1.04 Favor the Bold

1.05 Sacrifice of Angels

1.06 Valiant

Season 2Edit

2.01 Search and Rescue

2.02 Broken Ties

2.03 Tracker

2.04 Cure

2.05 Future Imperfect

2.06 Company of Thieves

Season 3Edit

3.01 Into the Fire

3.02 Fair Game

3.03 Rules of Engagement

3.04 Shades of Grey

3.05 New Ground

3.06 Nemesis

Season 4Edit

4.01 War is over

4.02 Future Ends part 1

4.03 Future Ends part 2

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