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Halo: Lexington is a fan series being created by Dragonboy546.


In 2552 the Human-Covenant War is raging on and the UNSC is losing badly, as more planets are glassed by the Covenant Forces Earth is right in their sights as they go from planet to planet to attack the UNSC Forces drive them all the way to their home planet to finish the humans off once and for all. But one Ship and crew are not going to let that happen under the Command of Captain William Telfer then Captain Marica Taylor the crew will fight till the Galaxy is saved.


Senior StaffEdit


Major Kyle Adams

Corporal Adam Mitchell

Private Eddie Langford

Lance Corporal Rachel Ogle

Private First Class Samantha Anderson

Supporting CharactersEdit

UNSC OfficersEdit

Commander Miranda Keyes-Tyson

Fleet Admiral James Tyson

Fleet Admiral Maria Tyson

Fleet Admiral Harper

Vice Admiral Ethan Samuels

Fleet Admiral Hood

Major Jason Tyson


Dr. Jenna  Mitchell

Professor Frank Mitchell



Season 1Edit

1.01 Covenant Rising

1.02 Behind the Lines

1.03 Valiant

1.04 Favor the Bold

1.05 Sacrifice of Angels

1.06 Politics

Season 2Edit

2.01 Search and Rescue

2.02 Broken Ties

2.03 Tracker

2.04 Cure

2.05 Future Imperfect

2.06 Company of Thieves

Season 3Edit

3.01 Into the Fire

3.02 Fair Game

3.03 Rules of Engagement

3.04 Shades of Grey

3.05 New Ground

3.06 Nemesis

Season 4Edit

4.01 War is over

4.02 Future Ends part 1

4.03 Future Ends part 2

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