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Background Edit

The Guyn Dynasty was a tier 3 civilization when they began an expansion period of colonialism. During this time they discovered message traffic between Dominion fleets fleeing to unknown space and determined that extra terrestrial life did indeed exist. This prompted a surge of colonial efforts and the creation of a Space Legion by the Dynasty's Empress.

One decade following the discovery of extraterrestrial life a Milky Way Alliance survey team discovered a Dynasty colony and attempted to make contact. The interactions were pleasant and the Empress arrived to foresee the summit to decide the future of the Dynasty and the Alliance relationship.

While headstrong and confident in the Dynasty's ability to defend and prosper under its own reigns the empress was not too prideful to see the advantage to having strong allies in a newly discovered world of space faring neighbors. The Dynasty entered the Alliance as an Assocaite member and promised to integrate over the next ten years into an embassy status.

Milky Way Alliance Edit

After first contact with the Alliance in 2640 the Empress grew to appreciate and admire the aspirations of the Alliance and saw it in the best interest of the Dynasty and peace within the Galaxy at large to enter the Alliance and eventually become a senate member in the distant future.

While cautious to not overbear her empire with technological advancement beyond their measures it was a slow process of integrating into the alliance howeve eager the empress was at heart.

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