Biographical information

Began service:

January, 2558


Female personality; tall and slender woman covered by patterns and scrolling symbols

Color expression(s):

  • Normal: Blue/Purple
  • Angry: Pink/Green
  • Flattered: Pink
Political and military information



  • Software infiltration
  • Decode, translate, and interpret alien technologies
  • Electronic warfare support
  • Providing battlefield support to SPARTAN A260, and SPARTAN A211

Service number:

GAI 0010-1


Gaia, UNSC Artificial Intelligence serial number GAI 0010-1, is a "Smart" AI construct, or "Intelligent Agent." She is a fourth generation AI, and serves alongside Punisher Team in various combat missions as well as serving as the A.I. during War Games simulations for the UNSC Infinity.

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