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"Fireteam Thermal, they're the Fireteam that survived for six months on requiem after that jack ass just left them there? God bless whoever gets in their way."

Fireteam Thermal Edit

Fireteam Thermal was one of Infinty's spartan IV fireteams present for the battle of Requiem. All of the members of Fireteam thermal are veteran UNSC special forces with ONI intelligence backgrounds operating in enemy territory without support. They become recognised as a lethal unit and brought hell with them on every mission.

Members of Thermal Edit

Spartan Chandler

Spartan Blazies

Spartan Magrath

Spartan Kendal

Spartan Vince

Spartan Rodriguez

Operational History Edit

Requiem Campaign Edit

UNSC Call to Valor Edit

UNSC Deliverance Edit


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