Fireteam Merit
Fireteam Merit


Unified Earth Government


United Nations Space Command, SPARTAN-IV Program




Six Spartan-IVs

Fireteam Merit is a team of SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers of the United Nations Space Command. Merit, consisting of six members, was assigned to the UNSC Infinity in 2554 and recieve armor upgrades in 2558. The team fought during the First and Second Battles of Requiem.


Fireteam Merit was originally assembled in early 2554, and the team was given customized armor upgrades in 2558.

Current MembersEdit

  • Del Walker, Commander
  • Rose Miles, Lieutenant-in-Command
  • Thorvald "Richard" L. Starkthjärta, Weapons Specialist
  • Yishai "Fisher" Berezovsky - Computer Specialist
  • Alexa Vroteff - Tactical Specialist
  • Carter Brand - Enemy Specialist

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