Fireteam Ignis
Active: 2554–Present
Affiliation: Office of Naval Intelligence
Branch: UNSC Spartan (2554-2558)

ONI Special OPS (2558–present) 

Size: Four soldiers
Nickname: Ignis
Engagements: Storm Covenant Insurrection
  • Battle of Draetheus V
  • First Battle of Requiem
  • Second Battle of Requiem
  • Requiem Campaign
  • Requiem Spartan Ops
  • Battle of Sanghelios
Commanders: Caitlin-B246

Overview Edit

Fireteam Ignis, Also known as Ignis, Is a spartan-IV team Commanded by ONI Officer Caitlin Woods, with tree other members: Trevor-B259, Eric-B832 and Sammie-B357. These four Spartans were a major Part in the 2558 Battle of Sanghelios, Personally assisting the Arbiter of the Sword of Sanghelios. Before becoming ONI special OPS Spartans,

This Fireteam Fought in the Battle of Draetheus V, And for Requiem. Near the end of Requiem Spartan OPS, a transmission was received that doctor Catherine Elizabeth Halsey had betrayed the UNSC, And to assist in retrieval efforts, Fireteam Ignis was Promoted to ONI Special OPS Spartans, to which they would complete special missions only, including those involving forerunner attacks, and Storm Winter Contingency Events.

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