"A bunch of rag-tag wanna-be spartans? Hell! Why not." -A.I. Cleo upon assessing Fireteam Desert.

This is a Maverick Article

Fireteam Desert Edit

  Fireteam Desert began service in late 2558 and were stationed aboard the UNSC Autumn Class Heavy Cruiser; Tide of the North. Desert saw their first bit of action operating in the fringes of UNSC space fighting for old colonies against scrambled remnant forces and rebel factions. Fireteam Desert participated in multiple cordinated operations with ODST troopers and built a powerful bond with the ODST's aboard the Tide of the North. 

Fireteam MembersEdit

Liam Waslo - Fireteam Leader - Assault Expert

Hannah Kalin- Fireteam XO  - Close Quarters Specialist 

Timothy Rock - Third in Command - Missions Specialist/ C.I.O. Operative

Garrette Pritchet - Fourth in Command - Sniper Expert 

Sue Marie - Fifth in Command - Rifleman Specialist

Operational History Edit

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