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Fireteam Delta
Fireteam Delta emblem




United Nations Space Command


UNSC Navy (2536–2553)
Spartan (2553–onward)


Five soldiers


Delta Squad, Delta


Human-Covenant War
Great Schism
Sangheili Civil War
Post-Covenant War conflicts




"One of the longest serving and still active SPARTAN units, some would say they are best. "
Thomas Lasky taking about the Fireteam

Fireteam Delta, sometimes referred to as Delta Squad or simply Delta a fireteam-sized unit composed of SPARTAN-IIIs that were stationed within the UNSC Navy and later transferred with the remaining SPARTAN units to the Spartan branch of the UNSC.



Much of the fireteams deployment is covered in black ink, however stories are continuously passed down from one to another about "a group of Spartans in black", these stories were never officially confirmed by anyone within the UNSC or ONI but remain the only source of information about the teams engagements. These stories claimed that these "Black Spartans" participated in the Insurrection, Human-Covenant War, Great Schism, Sangheili Civil War and the Post-Covenant War Conflicts, including some notable battles such as the Fall of Reach, Battle of Earth and the Requiem Campaign.


  • Matthew-A058 (Delta One) - A "by-the-book" soldier, Matt serves as the teams leader assault specialist.
  • Sandra-A066 (Delta Two) - Very smart, even for a Spartan, Sandra serves as the teams Intelligence specialist and second in command.
  • Shaun-A273 (Delta Three) - A massive lover of big guns and firepower, Shaun serves as the teams heavy weapons specialist.
  • Lauren-A191 (Delta Four) - Not one for words, Lauren serves as the teams recon specialist.
  • Daniel-A093 (Delta Five) - A very determined and troublesome Spartan, Daniel serves as the teams assault specialist.


  • Fireteam Delta has undergone several name changes, the first being Shadow Team, it was then switched to Fireteam Shadow but with the creation of Fireteam Shadow, the name was changed to Fireteam Delta.
  • The Spartan team was originally composed of six members, however this was later changed to five.


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