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Fireteam Crimson




United Nations Space Command




Spartan Fireteam


6 Members


  • Crimson
  • Team Crimson
  • Crimson Team


Second Battle of Requiem


  • Sam S349

Notable information:

  • One of the Fireteams to have 4 Members still active
  • Only Fireteam to have Spartan-III combat knives
  • One of the Fireteams to survive the Second Battle of Requiem
Fireteam Crimson (also known as Crimson or Crimson Team) was a Fireteam of Spartan-IIIs and Spartan-IVs. Crimson was assigned to the UNSC Infinity during the ship's second expedition to the Forerunner shield world Requiem in February 2558. Operating on Requiem, Crimson is frequently assigned on ground missions in which they combat the shield world's resident Promethean constructs and the Covenant remnant.



In 2558 Crimson was deployed in a joint UNSC military operation on Requiem in alongside Fireteams Castle, Majestic, Domino, and Ivy. Spartan Jared Miller was personally assigned to Crimson as their mission handler. Crimson was dropped behind-enemy-lines to assist marines in neutralizing Covenant forces in the area. In an attempt to stop the Covenant from establishing permanent bases throughout Requiem, Crimson was also given the objective to destroy four power cores acting as short-range wireless transceivers, and was successful. After mopping up whatever Covenant forces were left in the area, Miller sent a Pelican dropship for extraction. Commander Sarah Palmer congratulated the team on their mission success.

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Active members who survived the Second Battle of Requiem

  • Samuel S349
  • Connor S224
  • Ryan S577


Deceased members who were killed KIA or MIA during the Second Battle of Requiem, the Invasion at Casbah or any other notable battle recorded

  • Ashley S477 - Listed MIA, confirmed KIA from Kig-Yar Sniper
  • Tony S477 - Listed MIA, confirmed KIA from Sangheili Zealot
  • Crimson "Rook" (Real Name: Classified) - Listed MIA, confirmed KIA by Promethean Knight

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