Fireteam Claw
Fireteam Claw
CountryUnified Earth Government
AllegianceUnited Nations Space Command
BranchProject Dormant Skies
TypeUNSC Official Project Fireteam
SizeFive Spartans
EquipmentMJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI
BattlesFall of Reach


CommandersCommander Brett-B177

Fireteam ClawEdit

Active: 2554–Present

Affiliation: Project Dormant Skies

Branch: UNSC Spartan III Size: Five Soldiers

Squad Members: Brett-B177 Tiberius-A961 Adam-D351 Blake-H439 Cali-C838

Nickname: Claw

Engagements: Storm Covenant Insurrection ◾ Battle of Draetheus V ◾ First Battle of Requiem ◾ Second Battle of Requiem ◾ Requiem Campaign ◾ Requiem Spartan Ops ◾ Battle of Sanghelios

Commander: Brett-B177

Sniper: Adam-D351

Infiltration Specialist: Cali-C838

Engineer: Tiberius-A961

Pilot: Blake-H329


Fireteam Claw, Also known as Claw, Is a Spartan-III team Commanded by Spartan III Brett-B177, with four other members: Brett-B177, Tiberius-A961, Adam-D351, Blake-H439, and Cali-C838. These five Spartans were a major Part in the 2558 Battle of Sanghelios, Personally assisting Red Team. This Fireteam Fought in the Battle of Draetheus V, And for Requiem. Near the end of Requiem Spartan OPS, a transmission was received that doctor Catherine Elizabeth Halsey had betrayed the UNSC, And to assist in retrieval efforts, Fireteam Claw was Promoted to UNSC Special OPS Spartans, to which they would complete special missions only, including those involving forerunner attacks, and Storm Winter Contingency Events.

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