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Background Edit

The Ferrox are a peaceful species native to the world of Haras, a hot terrestrial world of arid dry deserts and mountain ranges. Ferrox are considered a tier 5 species reliant on solar energy and wind energy for means of power production and vast glider and solar tram systems connecting underground colonies.

While encountered entirely on accident after a war games operation accident caused a pilot to be stranded on the planet the natives helped the human survivor and were able to help him send a radio signal off world to transmit his location to the Alliance. When Alliance forces arrived the Ferrox were originally going to be integrated as a protectorate of the Alliance until strong opposition arose from the Ferrox who wished to contribute on a larger scale and advocated to join as an embassy. This ruling resulted in the determination of what technological advacenment level warrants a species ability to hold political voice in whether to join the alliance as a protectorate or full member of the Alliance. After this ruling the Alliance senate concluded no species under tier 5 should be allowed embassy or associate membership within the alliance and that tier 5 species would be allowed to greater castes on a case by case basis.

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