Welcome to Fan Fiction Halo! Here you can crate pages about your Fan Fiction of the Halo universe. This page lists the rules we expect everyone to follow, staff or not.


The rules that follow will be upheld by the Administrators with the Chat Moderators helping out in the active chat.

Have FunEdit

The soul purpose of Fan Fiction Halo is for people to have fun, weather its creating pages, helping people out or just talking in the chat.

Edit your own workEdit

We say edit your own work because its not pleasant when someone edits your work. So edit pages you create, and if you want to edit another persons page, ask their permission.

Have respectEdit

Here at Fan Fiction Halo we expect everyone to have respect for the people and their pages.

No harassmentEdit

We do not condone or encourage people harassing each other, any sort of harassment will be dealt with the Administrators as soon as possible.

Don't be shyEdit

Don't be afraid to create a page, ask for help or join the chat, we are really friendly and helpful here.

Equal treatmentEdit

Everyone is treated the same here, weather your a Administrator, Chat Moderator or a Regular User.

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