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"An ally has fallen, the homeworld turned to ash, the same atrocity committed against the Unggoy is our fate if we do not bring down the Dominion together. This defeat cannot deter us from alliance against the enemy. Standing together, we will prevail."

Invasion Force Edit

The Dominion arrived in the Balaho system shortly after the declaration of war in 2575. Balaho Empire forces were able to repel the Dominion for only a short time before having the system defenses comprimised. Orion Alliance forces arrived after Dominion landing parties had already breached population centers on Balaho in the midst of the half the Unggoy fighting for their lives and the other half urging a surrender to the Dominion. HazOp allied soldiers on the ground found it increasingly difficult to effectively defend the Unggoy on a methane based world and the Dominions prepared forces were able to steam role through oppositiion.

Emperor of the Balaho Empire finally issued an evacuation order and Orion Alliance ships attempted to ferry as many forces off world as possible. The UNSC especially put in great effort evacuating Unggoy while the Sangheili attempted to slow down the Dominion in orbit, seeing much success, the planet was largely evacuated of civilians and the Dominion and Allied forces faught over the surface of the planet while the Sangheili defended the system from reinforcements.

After eight months, in 2576, a large dominion battlegroup of Berzerk cruisers arrived and fired Berzerk beams into the planet igniting the atmosphere killing hundreds of Dominion forces and billions of Unggoy causing the methane atmosphere to ignited and scorch the planet.

All hands lost with Balaho Edit

Following the decisive victory at the hands of the Dominion allied forces were terrified and scattered, Sangheili forces faught over the idea of going to the surface to look for survivors and leaving the system in full retreat, Unggoy in system being evacuated were in mourning as the entire Empire collapsed in one decisive blow. Following the massive defeat the Unggoy left the Alliance and the Sangheili-UNSC forces had suffered devestating losses with all hands on the surface lost in the attack. The system was abandoned indefinitely. The Balaho Empire was reformed into the Unggoy Tribe Federation.

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