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Ellie K Davids



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Dark Brown

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Fireteam Saber


Fireteam Commander


"Is that all you got split lips?"
—Ellie after finishing off an elite

Commander Ellie Davids is the harsh leader of Fireteam Saber. Her strict behavior allows tasks to be completed quickly and flawless.

Early LifeEdit

Ellie Davids was a normal human born and raised on earth. Her father, (an ex ODST) saw a lot of potential in her and wanted her to join the UNSC. She enlisted in the UNSC Army and was placed with a special ops task force. There, she trained to become the best of the best. She was severley injured in combat when a rebel sniper round tore through her leg. Severely injured, she managed to limp to saftey where a extraction team could pick her up. Later, she enlisted into the Spartan-IV program to become the UNSC's newest super soilder. When she was awarded the rank of commander, she was assigned to Fireteam Saber, a special forces team.

Ellie as a UNSC Army Trooper

Fireteam SaberEdit

During the early time of being a commander, Ellie was assigned to command Fireteam Saber after their previous commander was killed. There, she lead the team into multiple battles including the battle for Requieum. Her and the team executed each mission quick and quietly.

The Battle FieldEdit

Instalation 03Edit

During her years of service, Ellie was reassigned to Instalation 03 on February 15th, 2558. There, she was ordered to defend UNSC outposts within the ring from covenant invasions.


She was also present during The Battle For Requiem when she was onboard the Infinity. She was also ordered to defend small science outposts as well as hunting down and destroying covenant AA guns.

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