"I'm not repeating history, I'm creating it."
—Elizabeth Knight
Elizabeth A. Knight
Biographical information


Eridanus II


March 17, 2498








120 Ib

Hair color:


Eye color:


Political and military information



  • Eridanus Rebels



Notable info:

Youngest commander in the Insurrectionists, starting at age 16.


Commander Elizabeth Knight is a high ranking officer within the Insurrectionists.


Early lifeEdit

Early records shows she was an B average student, except getting hire grades in history, always maintaining an A+ until she dropped out of school to learn with her father.

During the Battle of Death Jungle her father was killed while commanding troops, she then assumed command with only a select few high officers knowing. She retreated her troops from Death Jungle Realizing there was no hope of holding it.

Later lifeEdit

After 2522 most of the Insurrectionist activity on the planet had been reduced to ambushed and terrorist actions. Knight had one of the few functional armies left on the planet. She could have had her army fight to the last man like many of her officers recommended, but after receiving intelligence of UNSC supply ships landing on the planet, she then sent her forces into intercept and board the ships. Her army then managed to seize a UNSC frigate.

Battle of EarthEdit

"When Earth falls to the Covenant, so will we."
—Elizabeth Knight

By this time in her life, she realized since Reach fell, Humanity is about to fall. She moved her fleet close to Earth and waited, knowing it was only a matter of time. On October 21st she recieved word the Covenant had arrived. She moved her fleet of 15 frigates and destroyers into battle sending one simple message to Admiral Hood, head commander of the UNSC Navy.... "Rebel fleet, reporting for duty."

What happened to Elizabeth Knight after the Battle is anyone's guess. The Office of Naval Itelligence's best guess is she was killed during the Battle of Installation 00. But there is no evidence.


Before the war broke out, she was an average teenage girl, pretty and young.


Elizabeth Knight is the youngest Commander within the Insurrectionists.

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