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“Cras nullus speravit ; Tomorrow waits for no one” -Latin and english translations of General Augustus' last remarks to his troops before the final charge during operation SeptemberParty during the UNSC-Balaho Empire Conflict  and specifically at the Battle of Kale. 

Honorary Military AcademyEdit

  The school was established on the final grounds of the decisive Battle of Kale. General Augustus lead the ground forces during the conflict and issued Operation: SeptemberParty which was more than a strategic endeavure but a personal promise to both the military forces on ground but the civillian residents of Kale aswell. The school was erected as a burial and in honor of General Augustus and also the marine and ODST forces who forced the enemy off world.  


  The Edwin Carlile Augustus Military Academy boasts the largest ODST specialized academy in UNSC history. The school trains cadets viewed with superior aptitude and potential to become ODST's if wiling. Augustus Military Academy trains ODST's through a vigourous program lasting nine years of special forces and tactical training along with military and field relative academics. 


  The campus itself rests on the battle scarred lands of Tread the largely rocky and arid continent of Kale. Augustus Military Academy rests on the Eastern most cost of Tread. In addition to its dazzling and historial local it was also built to motivate, inspire, and awe visitors and students alike. The schools large defensive walls of white stone open up with a great expanse of grassed fields littered with decorated ODST drop pods used in the battle each landed on a trigonal shape pointing inward more. A total of twenty eight drop pods litter the grounds. Following the polished walk way which is a breathtaking one hundred meters long and ten meters wide decorated on the sides with flowering plants the main entrance is interupted by a massive five story statue of Augustus standing before a like-sized ODST drop pod. Augustus both hands clasped firm over the butt of an assualt fifle that lands on the massive pillar which the momument sits on. To the left and right of the memorial are massive stari cases that go up two stories before the shimmering steel doors which measure an additional two stories open up into the school. The eight story surface building is seperated into large buildings which house dorms, classrooms, traning areas, or other relative departments. At the center of the college is a large courtyard with massive space tether rooted at its center. The space tether is not for personal transport however but a realistic ODST Drop simulator which simulates multiple forms of atmospheres and weather conditions with secured Drop pods for ODST's to become accustomed to. The academy aslo features an expansive undergrond layer which only students and the architects know specifications of. 

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