Biographical information

Full name:

Denter Runo






In armor; 7ft.

Out armor; 6.8ft.

Hair color:

Red (unknown if dyed)

Eye color:


Political and military information

Spartan tag:


Years of service:



Lieutenant Junior Grade

"Denter-A044 is a 1st class Scout. She always knows the best spots to give the team great info."
—Robert-A037 when asked about Denter-A044s Scouting skills.

Denter-A044 born Denter Runo was part of Team Romeo/Juliet, as the team Scout. She was picked by Robert-A037  himself along with Alice-A288  who were all good friends. Her call sign was Juliet-4.


"You call that running Spartan? Hell I've seen Marines run fast then that!!"
—A training Officer trying to get Denter-A044 to run faster. Camp Churrahee on Onyx

Denter-A044 was always pushed herself hard during training, no matter how hard she tried she was told she wasn't tring hard enough, she sometime pushed herself to her breaking point.

During runs she teamed up with Robert-A037 and Alice-A288 as they ran at her level. She always annloyed Robert-A037 when he gave Alice a piggly back ride saying. "I can't wait till I get a piggly back ride Robert!" It is thought Denter-A044 and Alice-A288 both liked or loved Robert-A037.


"Heavy armor is nice, but I like to be fast on my feet. So that's my reason for light armor pal."
—Denter-A044 when asked why wear light armor.

Denter looks harmless when not in her armor but she can kick very hard, an example of this is some Spartans think Denter used a voice filter as they think she is a boy due to her first name Denter. She once put a Spartan-II in the Medical bay for a week when he said she "didn't have the balls." Her response was quick and hard kick in his balls followed by "Now you don't!!" Denter was put in the Brig for a week and two days. Nobody dared call her a boy again and called her the name she told them to, Delta or they would get the same kind of treatment the Sparta-II did.

In the team she is the Scout and a 1st class one too, Rex-A048 maybe a Sniper but doesn't try to be a better Scout then Denter-A044 he also loved her before Rex-A048 and Denter-A044 went their own ways Rex said "Take care Delta..... And Make it out of this alive for me."


"Delta. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
—Robert-A037 talking to Denter-A044's dead body, before taking her M392 DMR. Reach, August 30, 2552.

Denter was killed while fighting five Zealot class Elites, she killed three Zealot class Elites but was killed while reloading her M45 TS-Shotgun while defending a outpost, Robert came by later when the Pelican he was flying went down and took her DMR to remember her.

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