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Defiance-class assault cruiser
Defiance Class Assault Cruiser
Production information


Swords of Sangheilios


Assault Cruiser


Heavy Warship, Flagship, Fleet Support, Troop-Transport

Technical specifications










Series 9 Super MACs (x2) Energy Projectors (x4) Plasma Torpedoes Pulse Lasars


Scarabs Ghosts Banshee Phantom Wraith Etc.


Several thousand

Chronological and affiliation


First Golden Age Milky Way Alliance-Rorich Empire War




Swords of Sangheilios, Milky Way Alliance


Description Edit

Smaller than the CAS Assault Carrier but still capable of delivering countless troops and resources to the ground the Assault Cruiser is vastly more deployable and combat effective. Defiance class Assault Cruisers act as heavy warships, flagships, troop-transport, and support ships.

The Defiance Assault Cruiser is only slight smaller than the CAS Assault Carrier and packs a similar armamerment with the exception of the two newly integrated human designed series 9 MACs at the forward most of the ships brow. Iconic to its class the Defiance boasts both heavy weapon systems and superior speeds than most ships of its size and weapons caliber.

Physical Description Edit

The long forward section of the ship is heavily armored and designed for ramming actions against smaller or likesized ships, its hooked nose is ideal for piercing enemy ships while avoiding structural damage to its own super structure or internal systems. Above this ramming structure are two human designed Series 9 Super MAC's.

It's middle section and superstructure includes a large hill-like control center at the front of which is a powerful energy projector. Within the hill-like structure the control room is buried deep in the center of the heavily armored midsection of the ship, Under this section is another energy projector capable of 'glassing' operations. To the rear is another large potrusion from the underside of the ship where the main fighter hanger hangs down from the ship allowing for close-to-surface landing operations. Attached to this module is a gravity lift for ferrying troops and supplies to and from the ship.

In the very back end of the ship are its massive engines featuring two nacelles on the port and starboard sides giving it additional speed and meanuverability.

History Edit

Introduced as a rapid response cruiser to deliver heavy armament and unparalleled speed the Defiance class Assault cruiser out paces most known starships and outguns those that can catch her. The Assault Cruiser saw extensive action in the Alliance-Rorich Empire War especially in the liberation of the Orion/Centaurus-Bridge.

Ships of the line Edit

  • Defiance (namesake ship)
  • Enthused Decimation
  • Encompassed Resource
  • Spirit of Thel
  • Vanquisher of Jiralahanae
  • Acclimated fortitude

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