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Background Edit

With the majority of the Cra'Mali existing underwater the overall culture of the Cra'Mali is difficult to generalize beyond the interactions shared with the Alliance. Cra'Mali are native to the ocean planet of Nimia with speckling of islands across the planets vast mega ocean.

The Cra'Mali are represented by the Cra'Mali union, a global government controlling Nimia and various moons of the species home system. In 2630 during an exploration expedition by the Orion Alliance/Milky Way Alliance the Cra'Mali were detected and first contact was made with the peaceful albeit apprehensive species. While contained to one home planet the Cra'Mali show strong technological prows with strong fleets guarding their moon colonies and the homeworld of Nimia.

After establishing friendly relations with the Alliance the Cra'Mali would later join the Alliance as an Embassy member in 2638, just eight years following the first interactions. Ackhnowledging the many dangers of the galaxy after becoming aware of the Dominion's power and the flood outbreak relatively nearby to the homesystem of the species it was a unanimous decision by the Cra'Mali Union to join the Alliance in order to be both protected and purposefully impact the safety of the galaxy at large.

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