"It was easy, to do what was both right and within my power. It always is. Living with those feelings must too be as simple in the reflection of its neccissity or at least its punctuality. I have not regret nor shame, fools carry the past as if they had the future to determine the present with. I am not ignorant... far from. I may yet become a god if enough could see a shade closer to my own sight." -Comet

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"One of the hardest things a human can do is to understand, not just accept, the concept of cause without effect and effect without cause."

"Let me be otherness. Spend not a moment trying to decipher me for if you can you would have before conjuring the endeavor. I don't want to be understood. I dont want. I simply Am. Let me be such and let my form impose what it will upon eager thinkers."

"Think me not composed or bright. Think me only to an animal or spectral event. Make me cataclysm, make me fire. For it is not in my passion to remain any. I prefer largely to be abrupt and without farewell. Let me go wildly from you in a gallant display of tenacity. In hot collars is a beast of the classical sort. It lays faint, longing to be dead. Or to swallow the world in one swift ingest that neither man or star remembers its face."

"I am a little mad but it suits me best to be mad and in thought than in thought without my madness. For then i am a form irreoncilable by man and beast of all form."

"Think me beast, think me martyr, think me man. Think. Harder."

"I adore little comparably to that of inescusable change and the inevitable course of such."

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