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Star, position:

Sigma Draconis System, IV


2 (Tissiri and Kyus)



16,778 Km (10,425 miles)


1.43 G (14m/s/s)

Length of day:

26.4 Hours

Length of year:

247 Days


N2 68%, O2 28%, 2% Ar, 1% Xe, 1% other gases

Surface temperature:

Min -56 oF, Max 134 oF, Average 71 oF



Human (Non-Native)


4, 668, 344, 124

Date of foundation:



  • United Earth Government
  • Local governments

Technology tier:

Tier 3

Ciridin (Pronounced SEER-Rih-din) is the fourth planet in the Sigma Draconis System. It is home to one known Forerunner structure.

History Edit

Ciridin's history is long but uneventful for the most part.

Discovery Edit

Ciridin was discovered by a UNSC exploration party in 2412, but was labeled as in a habitable zone since 2056. The ship brought over 30,000 colonists to the planet, where they set up a colony near the Bordagez Sea.

Several continents were mapped out and boundaries drawn. The continents of Zeta, Cey, and Igréga, where identified. A few countries grew and delegates from each would meet in the planet's "capital" city of Angola, the site of the original colony.

Defense Edit

Each country in Ciridin has it's own police force to keep peace within its borders, but outside the borders is the jurisdiction of the UNSC marine forces that keep the peace between nations. Above the planet is an oribital defense grid consisting of three MAC cannons and a station.

Invasion Edit

In early May of 2556, the Covenant separatist force called The True Journey led by Raas 'Zukurramée and Thuzo 'Krarumee invaded the planet in search of ancient forerunner technology.

The True Journey first took out the planet's Orbital Defense Grid, then landed on the surface and began searching for the artifact. Raas found that what he wanted was located within the mountain of Terrus. He landed near the mountain and began excavating it in search of the artifact hidden inside. Meanwhile the rest of the the force set about defeating the marines that were on the planet. Two weeks after the initial invasion, the UNSC Freedom of Spirit arrived with a fleet of several frigates and battleships.

The space battle that ensued resulted in a win by the UNSC, but not before losing a good chunk of their forces.

Topography Edit

Locations Edit

  1. Mt. Terrus
    Ciridin map

    Geographical map of Ciridin

  2. Cardune City
  3. Zeta
  4. Cey
  5. Bordagez Sea
  6. Harmony Ocean
  7. Bay of Doub Le'vey
  8. Igréga
  9. Archipelago of Jonas
  10. Champlain Sea
  11. Sampson Sea
  12. Silent Ocean
  13. Angola

Known Residents Edit

  • David-A088

Trivia Edit

  • Ciridin rotates on a 45o axis. It also has a set of rings.
  • The continents of Cey, Zeta, and Igréga, as well as the Bay of Doub Le'vey are all named after the Spanish pronunciation of the letters c, z, y, and w in that order.
  • The city of Angola is named after the Earth country of the same name.

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