(Space, Reach Orbit)

The new battlegroup is in orbit around the planet and getting ready for launch along with Admiral Cole's Flagship, to retake Harvest and dispatch any and all Covenant Forces in the area that they can find at Anchor 9 The UNSC Lexington is docked.

(Main Bridge)

The repair teams are repairing the damage from the Covenant attack and replacing conduits and damaged wires and console relays, as Captain Taylor walks into the Bridge and sat next to Commander Martin who is sitting in the Command chair.

Cmdr. Martin: Oh sorry Captain I didn't see you come in.

She raises her hand.

Capt. Taylor: Its alright John as you were.

She looks at the fleet that's getting ready to jump.

Capt. Taylor: Can you believe that he sidelined the Lexington John he sidelined my ship the one ship that survived a Covenant encounter.

He looks at her and shrugs his shoulders.

Cmdr. Martin: Seeing how we're damaged but we can still fight we've got a payload of Shiva Nuclear warheads, but he's an Admiral and he did order us to stay here at Reach with the Savannah, Saratoga, and Grafton.

She nods at him and they watched the Battlegroup jump to Slipspace.

Capt. Taylor: And there they go all we can do now is wait.

Then John looks at her.

Cmdr. Martin: And hope.

(Fade to black, ending credits)

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