(Main Bridge)

Commander Martin walks onto the Bridge and walks over to the big screen behind the main area of the Bridge.

Capt. Taylor: We've lost all contact with the UNSC Battlegroup led by Admiral Stone the only signal we got was this.

She plays it.

Adm. Stone (com): This is-being-back----oh my god---reinforce our lines----We're attempting to withdraw and regroup, all UNSC Ships meet up with battlegroup at----------.

Taylor shuts the com off.

Cmdr. Martin: Maybe the Covenant are jamming our coms that's what happened with the Argo my brother is tactical officer of the Hercules he told me about the one Cruiser that took out the Argo and two Frigates.

Then Lt. Mason chimes in.

Lt. Mason: We're a Remembrance-Class Frigate we can handle one Covenant Corvette Class vessel but if two more show up we're in trouble.

Then at the helm Lieutenant Williams chimes in.

Lt. Williams: Captain we're approaching Epsilon Indi System.

Captain Taylor, Commander Martin, Lieutenant Kelly Williams and Lieutenant Mason head back to the center and to their posts.

Capt. Taylor: BATTLE STATIONS ready all Archer missile pods and standby MAC Gun take us out of Slipspace Lieutenant.

She nods at the order.

Lt. Williams: Slowing to Sub-light speeds in 3, 2, 1.

(Epsilon Indi System)

A Slipspace rupture opens and the Lexington emerges from it in the middle of a large debris field.

(Main Bridge, Condition Red)

The crew is in complete shock over what happened to the 5th Battlegroup of the UNSC.

Captain Taylor gets up in complete shock by what she's seeing.

Capt. Taylor: Anything?

Lieutenant Williams at Ops looks at her console's sensor scans.

Lieutenant Williams: There are no active subspace fields... Negligible power readings...

Then Captain Taylor looks at her.

Capt. Taylor: Life-signs?

Kelly looks at her sensor read out and shakes her head.

Lt. Williams: Negative, Captain.

Then Lt. Mason chimes in.

Lt. Mason: Picking up weapon sigs in the area their both UNSC and Covenant.

Capt. Taylor not taking her eyes off the window is seeing the debris field, then the sensor alert goes off as Captain Taylor looks at Lieutenant Williams.

Capt. Taylor: Williams report.

The young ops officer looks at her console and then reports.

Lieutenant Williams: Sensors are picking up a Covenant Carrier bearing 223 mark 879 distance 2.1 hours away and approaching the debris field, we'll be in their sensor range in 36 seconds.

Captain Taylor looks at her crew as the red lights bathe the Bridge in crimson red.

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