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Insurrection of Britannia





Britannia Campaign


Human-Covenant War


2547 - 2550


Britannia, Gliese 581 system


UNSC victory


UNSC insignia United Nations Space Command
Insurrectionists insignia Britannia Liberation Party (Early days)

Covenant Empire insignia Covenant Empire


General Freddie Chruch
Field Marshall Richard Mulcahy
Fleet Admiral Charles Nelson



Gliese 581 Fleet

Unknown Covenant fleet


Field Marshall Richard Mulcahy

All forces


"After more than three years of war, the colony can now rebuild. "
— General Freddie Church

The Britannia Campaign was a three year long campaign to repel the Covenant invaders from the war torn colony of Britannia, beginning in 2547 and ending in 2550.


Main article: Insurrection of Britannia

Before the Covenant arrival, the colony of Britannia was at war with itself. The Britannia Liberation Party had called for all of its assets to drive the United Nations Space Command from the planet. The insurrection was waged on though all continents and caused massive damage to the city's and population of the colony.

Covenant arrival and UNSC-BLP ceasefireEdit

Upon the Covenants arrival, General Freddie Church called for a ceasefire between all BLP and UNSC forces so they could unite and repel the alien invaders for the sake of humanity. Field Marshall Richard Mulcahy accepted the terms of the ceasefire and began to manage forces along side General Church. The Covenant's fist and only landfall was in the continent of Iwerddon, they attacked relentlessly, targeting the major city's of region. The BLP response was quick, deploying its wet navy to the coasts of populated cities under siege to provide the support needed to take back control of the cities. The navy proved to be effective at keeping the attackers at bay, however, this lead to the Covenant striking at the more populated populated cities that would put them out of range from the battleships. The UNSC responded by sending two Paris-class heavy frigate to help retake land lost and the majority of their wet navy to set up a defensive line between Iwerddon and the rest of the continents.

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