Battle of the State of Vadam


Human-Covenant War


August 17, 2547


State of Vadam, Sanghelios


Covenant overwhelming victory

  • All humans killed

UNSC propaganda victory



Covenant Empire



  • Captain Nicoli †


  • Colonel Yahimishi †

R'this Vadamee


All forces

  • UNSC Hamerstead
  • 2,400 - 2,600 soldiers


  • 2 frigates
  • 1,600 Sangheili
  • 2,450 other species
 "Don't worry sir, we killed plenty of the bastards." Lt. Coiler's last words. 

The Battle of the State of Vadam was a minor engagement between UNSC forces and Sanghelios Guards on the planet Sangheilios.


While attempting to flee the Battle of Skopje, the UNSC Hammerstead headed straight into the homeland of the Covenant. In the ensuing space battle, the Hamerstead's slip-space capabilities were disabled. Captain Nicoli ordered Colonel Yahimishi to deploy his forces on the ground in an attempt to cause atleast some damage on Sanghelios. A Small ODST detachment of unkown size, likely between 12 and 16, made there way into the Vadam Palace, killing several Sanghieli of unknown social status. A team of ODSTs entered a power facility, planting explosives, but came under fire, and forced to detonate early, killing them.

Naval Battle Edit

"Any station this net, this is the UNSC Hammerstead. In orbit around Sanghelios, two frigates destroyed, one carrier severely damaged. Captain Yahimishi signing off."
—Captain Yahimishi's last transmission.The UNSC Hamerstead exited Slipspace inside a Covenant fleet formation, in which none of the ship's had powered up their shields. Atleast two frigates were destroyed and a carrier was damaged by nuclear weapons. It is speculated the Hammerstead entered low orbit sometime during the battle, whether it was because of damages or a tactical situation is unkown.


"The humans fought well and they died well. I never suspected they were capable of such a fight. We ecpected them to cut and run without honor, but instead, they all died with it intact." - General to Sangheili state news.

Many leaders within the Covenant began to question if Humanity is as inferior as proclaimed. News of the battle reached the UNSC, the story traveled through human colonies as they were declared honorable men who "...went beyond the Call of their Duty, and died in the process."

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