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Fall of Reach


Batlle of Installation 04

Battle of Visegrád Relay
Visegrád Relay


Human-Covenant War


August 27, 2552


Visegrád, Reach


Covenant Victory

  • Knocked Legacy Team out of the fight

UNSC strategic victory

  • Covenant command disrupted
  • Precursor AI captured

UNSC insignia United Nations Space Command

Covenant Empire insignia Covenant Empire



  • Unnamed War Chieftain
  • Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee

Legacy Team


Many high ranking Covenant leaders Reinforcements

  • Large amount of Hunters


  • 3 SPARTAN-IIs severely wounded


  • 2 Brute War Chieftains
  • 4 Brute Chieftains
  • Many Jiralhanae


  • 2 Field Marshal
  • 1 Zealot
  • 23 SpecOps
  • 2 Wraiths

"Half of Legacy dead, other half mortally wounded.. and for what.. A broken pre-Forerunner A.I."
Grif-L01 in the Battle Report

The Battle of Visegrád Relay was primarily a ground engagement fought between the United Nations Space Command and Covenant Empire in the region of Eposz fought to kill as many Covenant high commanders and capture a Precursor A.I.


An Office of Naval Intelligence prowler uncovered information that a Sangheili Supreme Commander and several other high ranking Covenant leaders and a Precursor A.I. was present. Legacy Team was pulled out of the field from city of New Alexandria and almost immediatly sent to Visegrád, leaving little time to re-equip and rest.

The BattleEdit

Legacy Team was dropped off from an ONI stealth Falcon in the town of Visegrád to meet up with a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The Spartans got within sight of the door and was discovered by a SpecOps Sangheili, Carlton-B119 kills him with with a combat knife, but not before the Elite raises an arm. It was then decided by Legacy One they should storm the compound. In the confusion, several high ranking Covenant commanders including a Prophet escaped.

Somewhere between 5 and 10 hours after the initial battle had begun, two dozen UNSC army troopers arrive, hearing the blazing gunfire

Covenant reinforcements arriveEdit

"...the whole damn Covenant army is coming down on you."

Legacy Team secured the main objective, but was soon attacked by every Covenant unit in the region.


At 0200 hrs Legacy Team has lost 3 members with the rest severely wounded and threatened with being over run, Legacy 1 manages to send out an emergency signal. Two surviving spartans and a small squad of marines close by picks up the signal. Alice-A350, Emily-A220, and a small marine squad including Alex Daniels arrives via pelican and attempts to rescue the remaining Legacy Team members.

Optional plansEdit

Last ResortEdit

In records released in 2608, if Legacy Team were to be completely killed, several warships would be directed to drop Shiva-class nuclear missiles and several MAC rounds as a precaution, if the UNSC couldn't have it, no one could.


Although it is stated in the Battle Report that the A.I. was broken, in the Battle of Earth it was discovered the A.I. was simply inactive.

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