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Battle of Trevanius IV


Human-Covenant War


July 2533


Trevanius IV, Trevania system


  • UNSC strategic victory
  • Covenant pyrric victory





Unnamed Arbiter†



  • 17,500 army
  • 500 marines


  • 6 destroyers
  • 3 frigates


  • Millions


  • 2 carriers
  • 4 destroyers
  • 6 frigates
  • Several transports
  • All ground forces
  • Most naval

Heavy losses

  • Atleast 5 frigates

The Battle of Trevanius IV was an engagement between the UNSC and Covenant forces on the planet Trevanius IV. The UNSC originally covered it up, blaming it on a large scale insurrectionist attack on the loyal planet.


Battle of Trevanius IV
"...out the fire- ... UNSC Greb-... obliterated. Heavy incom-... Trev IV civilians!... Authorizing TAC CON One, Omega Three."
—UNSC Four Winds on the interplanetary E-Band

Land Battle Edit

The UNSC was caught horribly unprepared when the Covenant spontaniously invaded Trevanius IV in 2533. Their first target was Lambius, the capital of Trevanius IV.

Naval battle Edit

The UNSC Greblin was most likely among the first of the UNSC ships to be desroyed while providing security for the civilian evacuation shuttles. Admiral Brandston ordered all forces to TAC CON Alpha One. After an unknown amount of ships were lost, UNSC Four Winds declared Omega Three and attempted to break contact, and was semi sucsessful for a short amont of time.

Hours afer the initial contact the remaining ships regrouped nearby and atempted again to contact UNSC command without success. The fleet maintained stealth on the planets moon for a period of time. At some point, the fleet coordinated assets with surviving ground forces and managed to recapture multiple nuclear sites and small armories. Shortly afterward, UNSC vessels were engaged by the Covenant, but managed to retreat inside Trevanius IV's atmosphere to detonate nuclear ordinance, and forcing any ships involved to lose power and collide with the planet's surface.

UNSC cover up Edit

The UNSC Greblin was inspecting a civilian cargo ship carying a nuclear weapon when it was detonated, destroying both ships and heavily damaging two nearby UNSC ships, which were then boarded by smaller insurrectionist craft, and their payload was used against the remaining naval forces destroying a frigate and destroyer, colliding with the planet. Insurrectonist ground forces planted bombs in civilian areas, killing tens of thousands of peop le, thus spreading UNSC forces too thin to effectively drive off enemy forces from overwelming nuclear sites and deonaing them with crude bombs. Any remaining UNSC ships fled to the surface to aid in civlian evacuations. The UNSC Four Winds was boarded and the Admiral scuddled with ship after a failed defense over a large city. UNSC forces in an attempt from permitting the rebels from gaining control of any additonal nuclear weapons, detonated them over strategic areas.


Their fortitude and bravery led to a UNSC victory at the cost of every single civilian on the planet.

On several major cities, their was wide protest on what happened to the was thriving colony.

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