Battle of Trenzalore


2557, 23rd November




The Doctor's Army = Total victory


The Doctor's Army

  • Torchwood 61
  • Unified Nations Space Command
  • Children of Time
  • The Padernoster Gang
  • Demon's Run

The Alliance

  • Whispermen
  • Dalek Fleet's Alpha and Omega
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Cyberiad Legion
  • 7th Sontaran Battle Fleet
  • Prometheans
  • The Doctor
  • Commander Joshua Wanton
  • Captain Thomas Lasky
  • Captain Jack Harkness
  • Master Chief Petty Officer John-117
  • The Great Intelligence
  • Supreme Dalek Roux
  • Cyber-Planner 0-11-295
  • General Raagh
  • Ur-Didact
  • Jul M'Dama

The Doctor's Army

  • Children of Time
    • Captain Jack Harkness
    • Mickey Smith
    • Doctor Martha Jones
    • Gwen Cooper
    • K9 Mark IV
  • Torchwood 61
    • Commander Josh Wanton
    • Warren Hope
    • Amy Cooper
    • Marilyn Collins
    • Lieutenant-Commander Nathan Grayson
  • The Padernoster Gang
    • Madame Vastra
    • Commander Strax
    • Jenny Flint
  • Demon's Run
    • Tony Stark
    • JARVIS
  • UNSC
    • UNSC Navy
      • Captain Thomas Lasky
      • Lieutenant Chekov
      • Commander Sarah Palmer
      • Master Chief Petty Officer John-117
      • Fireteam Crimson
      • Fireteam Majestic
      • Fireteam Shadow
      • Fireteam Castle
      • Blue Team
      • Team Katana
  • Vehicles
    • Type 40 TARDIS
    • 5 Paris-class Heavy Frigates
    • 50 Broadsword fighters
    • Danny Boy
  • 50 Whispermen
    • Dalek Fleet Omega
      • 500 Daleks
    • Dalek Fleet Alpha
      • 250 Daleks
  • 1st Cyberiad Legion
    • 5,000 Cybermen
  • 2nd Cyberiad Legion
    • 5,000 Cybermen
  • 3rd Cyberiad Legion
    • 5,000 Cybermen
  • 7th Sontaran Battle Fleet
    • 500 Sontaran Warriors
  • Prometheans
    • 5,000 Promethean Knights
    • 5,000 Promethean Watchers
  • Lieutenant-Commander Nathan Grayson
  • Lieutenant Chekov
  • Commander Sarah Palmer
  • Fireteam Castle
  • Team Katana
  • K9 Mark IV

All forces KIA


"Welcome to the final resting place of the cruel tyrant, of the slaughterer of the ten billion and the vessel of the final darkness."
—The Great Intelligence referencing the final resting place of The Doctor.

The Battle of Trenzalore,sometimes referred to as The Fall of the Eleventh, was one of the largest engagements in the known dimensions, besides The Last Great Time-War. It was fought between an army assembled by The Doctor and The Alliance, formed by the Great Intelligence and other foes of the Doctor such as the Daleks, the Cybermen, Sontarans, and others. The battle lasted only one day, the 23rd of November, 2557.


After the Battle of Earth, and the destruction of the Mantle's Approach, The Ur-Didact was recovered by the foe of the Doctors known as The Great Intelligence. The Intelligence promised the Ur-Didact revenge against the Humans, and the Master Chief in particular, but to do so, he must help the Intelligence form an alliance with the Doctors Foes to destroy him once and for all. The Great Intelligence, able to transport himself through time and space, also kidnapped Amy Pond and Rory Williams whilst they were still trapped in New York.

The Doctor, aware of the threat, and still reeling from the loss of the Ponds, pulled in favours and requests from both his universe, and the universe of SPARTAN-117, eventually forming a formidable force, consisting of former companions of his travels in his 9th and 10th incarnation, SPARTANs, and SPARTAN Fireteams, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Strax as well as Torchwood members from the year 2014. Unknowingly, from the prior time that a dimensional collapse had happened, Tony Stark had created a dimensional battle-suit capable of making slipspace and dimensional jumps through different realities, joining the army.


Opening WarfareEdit

The UNSC Infinity, followed by the Doctor's Type 40 TARDIS and Danny Boy's fighters, and several Broadsword fighters and Paris-class frigates exited slipspace just outside the corridor of Trenzalore. Catching the Alliance off-guard, The UNSC Infinity, as well as the other UNSC ships and Danny Boy's fighters immediately engaged the fleet above the planet, destroying Dalek Fleet Omega, the 1st and 2nd Cyberiad's legion ships and the 7th Sontaran Battle Fleet.

Immediately, the Promethean forces struck back, sending their fleet ships into space to engage the fleets, as the others retreated onto the planet itself. The TARDIS, containing the Doctor, the Children of Time, the members of Torchwood 61, and the UNSC SPARTANS, flew towards the planet after the fleets retreating. The Infinity, Paris-class frigates, Broadsword fighters and Tony Stark (in his Iron Man battle suit) engaged the Promethean forces, providing provisionary fire for the TARDIS.

Hard LandingEdit

Immediately upon landing, the SPARTANs came under heavy fire from the Cybermen that had already exited their ship. SPARTAN-117, leading all Spartan forces, immediately engaged the Cyberiad forces, whilst the Children of Time, members of T61, and the Padernoster Gang held their position in the TARDIS until needed. 

The naval fleet above however was taking a beating severely. The Dalek Ship Alpha had repaired and had joined the battle alongside the Prometheans. Danny Boy and his fighters were ultimately destroyed by a Promethean War Chief, which then destroyed two Paris-class frigates before being destroyed by the Infinity.

Dive BombingEdit

Receiving a distress signal from Amy and Rory, the members of T61 as well as Captain Jack Harkness, Strax, and K9 headed to intercept the signal. The other remaining members stayed within the TARDIS controlling an atmospheric shell so that the planet would not boil from the star nearby. Upon reaching the location of the signal, the squad came under attack by Whispermen, ultimately stopping the hearts of both Jack Harkness and Nathan Grayson, however Harkness revived himself, and attacked the Whispermen with Dimensional Guns, sending them into the void.

With all but one squad remaining of Cybermen, the SPARTAN's job was almost finished, until Dalek Ship Alpha re-entered the planet, and dispersed the 250 Daleks out to destroy the SPARTANs. Stark then left the space battle to assist the SPARTANs with the engagement.


Upon finding the Ponds, K9 was ultimately destroyed by the Ur-Didact, and the members of T61 retreated, bar Jack Harkness and Josh Wanton. Engaging in hand to hand combat, the Ur-Didact eventually crushed Jack's vital organs, and killed him. Josh eventually fired the Dimensional Gun at the Ur-Didact, which only weakened his shields. Upon hearing the fighting, John-117 reached the location to help Josh fight the Ur-Didact, which was becoming a losing battle. Eventually, the Master Chief, using Josh as a distraction, was able to pull back the face plate of the Ur-Didact, and sever the spinal column of the enemy with his combat knife, ending the feud. With the Prometheans only working through orders by the Ur-Didact, they shut down, and self-destructed, leaving the UNSC Ships to own the corridor above Trenzalore.

Upon the Supreme Dalek's arrival, Commander Palmer, having already lost many SPARTANs due to the Dalek guns, sacrificed herself by planting a prototype UNSC Pulse Fragmentation grenade in her armor pack, and latching onto the casing of Roux, destroying his shields and blowing the Supreme Dalek apart.


After the remaining fighting had almost finished, the remaining persons inside the TARDIS left, reaching the Pond's, and recovering them. However, the Great Intelligence appeared with more Whispermen, forcing all the combatants that were left inside the TARDIS, leaving The Doctor, Tony Stark, Josh Wanton, Jack Harkness and John-117 to fight off the Whispermen and the Great Intelligence, as the atmospheric shell was breaking down due to the GI's manipulation of the TARDIS controls.

With only 5 Whispermen left, Josh and Jack left to enter the TARDIS and stabilise the shell. However, the Master Chief and Stark were only fighting off the Whispermen, whilst the Great Intelligence and The Doctor fought in hand to hand combat. Eventually, after the Whispermen were defeated, Stark and John stood by incase of assistance, until the Doctor beat the GI.

The Great Intelligence only seemed to want to intimidate and upset the Time-Lord, which was a mistake, as the Time-Lord eventually killed the intelligence by using psychic interference into the brainwaves of the form, which killed the Intelligence permanently.


With all enemy forces decimated, and the Great Intelligence killed, The Doctor and the army that he had assembled were all returned to their regular dimensions and time-zones.

Reunited with the Ponds, he returned them to their normal time-stream, before the events of New York had occurred, and returned them to London to live the rest of their lives.

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