Battle of the line

Battle of Sector 83


Human-Covenant War




Milky-Way, Galactic Rim


UNSC Victory Covenant Fleet full retreat


UNSC 12th Battle Group

Covenant Fleet


Captain William Telfer Commander Tyson

Unknown Shipmaster


UNSC 12th Battle Group

  • 70 Paris-Class Frigates
  • 40 Destroyers
  • 56 Charon-Class Frigates
  • 151 Longsword Interceptors

Covenant Fleet

  • 70 Covenant Cruisers
  • 80 Covenant Corvettes
  • 78 Banshees
  • 90 Sephais

14 out of 112 UNSC Ships made it back 98 UNSC ships were destroyed.

Minimal losses in the Covenant forces

The battle of sector 83 was a Major victory to the UNSC Forces that resulted full retreat of the Covenant Forces out of sector 83 but not without the lost of a great Officer.


After the fall of Harvest to the Covenant Forces the UNSC Forces are gathering a Fleet of 112 ships to combat the Covenant forces to keep them from the other colonies, the brass at United Space Command dispatched the resently constructed Charon-Class ship UNSC Lexington to lead the charge. The Lexington meets up with the Fleet and waits for the Enemy Force and plan their attack.


The Battle started on the side of the Covenant forces as they emerged from Slipspace over the UNSC Fleet and started thinning out their lines, the Fleet was able to start blasting the Covenant forces with their MAC Guns and Archer Missile pods taking out as many of their captial ships as possible. The Lexington flies through the battle chasing a Covette ship while the other ships are Blasting the remaining ships as some of the Frigates are destroyed or being destroyed the Aurora was being taken out by a Covenant Super Carrier the Lexington tried to get to it but they didn't make it in time and the battle was on the verge of being lost till Captain Jacob Keyes's ship the Pillar of Autumn emerged from Slipspace with the fifth Fleet and reinforced the 12th battle Group and severely Damaged the Lead Covenant vessel.


UNSC Forces took heavy losses in the battle as they limp back to Earth after making some random jumps to keep the Covenant Forces from finding the Home of the Humans and Glass it as well, the UNSC Brass was happy about the victory they got from the battle.

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