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The Battle of Repository was a two-battle war, taking place on the Shield World of Tython.

The first battle is a counter-assault on capturing the entrance, while the second battle is the retrival of a majestic Forerunner crystal known as "The Rythigliss" down in the core of the Alpha Forests of Tython.

First Battle of RepositoryEdit


Battle of Xelos I

Battle of Repository



Overall: Covenant/Culdon Victory

  • First Battle: UNSC Victory
  • Second Battle: Covenant Victory
  • UNSC insignia United Nations Space Command

Covenant Empire insignia The Covenant Empire

  • Covenant Culdon Logo Improved The Covenant Culdon


  • Sentinels
  • Commander Alex-145
  • Sam S349
  • Tarlone S005
  • Rtus 'Vurdame
  • Retu 'Vurdame
  • 200 Marine Corps
  • 10 Hellbringer Flamethrowers
  • 15 Warthogs
  • 5 Scorpions
  • 3 Cobras
  • 2 Elephants
  • 2 Vultures
  • Numerous Sangheili and Unggoy
  • 50 Kig-Yar
  • 30 Mgalekgolo
  • 10 Wraiths
  • 10 Banshees
  • 5 Ghosts
  • 1 Chrome Scarab
  • Numerous Sentinels
  • 3 Super Sentinels
  • 1 Devastator Sentinel
  • 114 Marines killed
  • All Hellbringers killed
  • 5 Warthogs
  • 3 Scorpions
  • 1 Cobra
  • All Vultures destroyed

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