Battle of Glasgow


Battle of Nikel Murmansk


Battle of Oslo

Battle of Nikel Murmansk


2535, February 18th,


Earth, Russia


Victory for the UNSC,


UNSC Marines


75th Russian Guards,


Captain Jed Rover

Ship-master Iga 'Noverbamee

Colonel Kiva Koskov,

  • 1 Commander
  • 2000 UNSC Marines
  • 2000 Grunts
  • Iahap
  • 2000 Sangheili Elites
  • 100 Mgalekgolo Hunters
  • 2000 Kig-Yar Jackals
  • 1 Commander
  • 2000 75 Russian Guards
  • 50 UNSC Marines
  • Iga 'Noverbamee
  • 1000 Grunts
  • 1000 Sanghelil Elites
  • 90 Mgalekgolo Hunters
  • 1000 Kig-Yar Jackals
  • Many of the 75th Russian Guards,
  • Many 5000 Citizens,
The Battle of Nikel Murmansk took place in 2535 in Russia when the Covenant attacked Russia,  

Attack in Nikel MurmanskEdit

The Covenant attacked Nikel Murmansk as Operation Invade Europe! an operation that was to kill so many citizens, Their leader of the Covenant Iga 'Noverbamee the shipmaster of the attack, sent a group of ships to attack Nikel Murmansk,

A group came to the first house with a group of Unggoy attacked the Pocklear house, they killed both the Pocklear parents but the kid Vasili Pocklear survived and escaped to the drains to hide although the Covenant Unggoy tried to find him, until Pocklear was saved by a Russian Force and sent to the UNSC Marines, the Grunt leader Iahap, failed to find him, 

Also the Covenant atttacked and killed over nearly the who pobulation of Nikel Murmansk, but only 300 people would survive and escape, also Iga 'Noverbamee was aslo killed when the ship blewup killing him, also many of the Russian soilders also had to hold off the Covenant until the UNSC Marines came and saved them all,


The battle of Nikel Murmansk resulted in the deaths of thousands of Citizens, and also many deaths in numbers of soilders, those people sacrficed their lives to save everyone, however Nikel Murmansk lost so many people but only 300 people would survive and also 50 of the 75th Russian Guards Corps only survived, however the death of Iga 'Noverbamee meant the battle of Nikel Murmansk was won, 


  • Vasili (Old Grunt) Pocklear, was the only member of the Pocklear's to survive and later joined in the UNSC Marine Paratroopers, fought in many battle's only the Battle of Reach, and Installation 04, he was killed aboard the Truth and Reconciliation by ten Flood Infection Forms, died to save his friends Sergeant Colby Flying (Four Eyes) Scotsman, Private's Wayne (Scarpine) Sisk, and Joseph (Blitz) Ramirez,
  • Colonel Kiva Koskov, survived the battle,
  • Private Yuri Koljamier, Survives
  • Corporal, Poviva Oromov, killed durring the battle of Nikel Murmansk,
  • Sergeant Nickoli, survives,

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