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Invasion of Kyrat


Second Battle of Kyrat

Battle of Kyrat


UNSC vs Unknown Covenant group


April 19th, 2558




Covenant Victory



Unknown Covenant group


† Admiral James McArthur


  • 7,343 UNSC Marines
  • 11 Frigates
  • 3 Marathon class Cruisers
  • 35 M808 MBTs
  • 2 M510 UHMAAWPs
  • 2,323 Elites
  • 4,567 grunts
  • 3,214 Jackals
  • 144 Hunters
  • 2 Assault Carriers
  • 8 Cruisers
  • 5 Scarabs
  • 7 Tyrant AA guns
  • 50 Wraiths
  • 142 Ghosts
  • Admiral James McArthur
  • Entire ground force wiped out
  • 10 Frigates
  • 2 Marathon class Cruisers
  • Half ground forced wiped out
  • 3 Cruisers
  • Majority of Air units destroyed

The invasion of Kyrat was a covenant invasion of the planet Kyrat on 2558. Many covenant forces were wiped out but the UNSC failed to defend the planet.


The invasion took place on April 19th, 2558. It began as a small scale invasion and eventually evolved into a full scale invasion. About 95% of the UNSC force was wiped out, along with half of the planet being glassed. Eventually, more UNSC forces arrived days later thus beginning The second battle of Kyrat.


The Battle of Kyrat was divided into 3 phases, Invasion of Kyrat, Battle of Kyrat and glassing of Kyrat.

Invasion of KyratEdit

The invasion began with a small covenant strike team, consisting of 1 covenant cruiser and several light ground forces consisting of Elites and Grunts. Vehicles such as Ghosts, Wraiths, Type-52 Phantoms, and Banshees. Initial covenant activity was reported around 0700 hours. Light UNSC ground forces were deployed to eliminate them. Multiple UNSC frigate and cruisers were deployed to destroy the lone cruiser. Later, more covenant ships entered the area, beggining the second phase.

Battle of KyratEdit

The second phase was more brutal than the first, involving 2 Assault carriers, 7 Cruisers, and thousands of ground forces. Battle reports include sightings of Hunter groups and multiple Scarabs. The covenant also implanted AA guns to eliminate air forces. With the UNSC heavily outnumbered, they began evacuating the planet. Hundreds of civilian ships escaped the planet but roughly 30 made it out. As a last attempt, the UNSC destroyed all research bases and launched HAVOK nukes at some of the covenant ships. The UNSC then retreated and the covenant proceeded to glass the planet.

Glassing of KyratEdit

Even though this new covenant faction wasn't searching for forerunner artifacts, they removed all ground forces and proceded to glass the planet to eliminate all human resistance on the planet.

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