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Battle of Installation 010


Human-Culdon War


March 25th, 2553 - July 22nd, 2553


Installation 010


  • UNSC: Barely Survived, along with few of Reclaimer Team's surviving members
  • Covenant Culdon: Barely Survived, however most of the forces were killed during the explosion and this, took years to recover it's army
  • L.U.R.K: Believed at first to be completely dead, however it was revealed to survive the battle after revealing that it's the same Infection that took place during the Battle of Forskuls
  • United Nations Space Command
    • Reclaimer Team


  • L.U.R.K
  • Covenant Culdon

The Battle of Installation 010 was a huge operation, taking place on the undiscovered Installation 010 and the first battle to feature L.U.R.K, a cannibalistic flesh-eating Infection.

The Battle was primary focused between the UNSC, including Reclaimer Team against the The Covenant Culdon, but later on, L.U.R.K was involved with the battle and became the main cause of the battle.

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