Battle of Herodotus


Operation: TREBUCHET


Eridanus II

  • Herodotus


UNSC defeat



Eridanus Rebels


Colonel Bicker†

  • Major Pentrovy

Elizabeth Knight


312th Military Police Regiment

  • 500 able bodied

Army Hospital Corps

  • 3,537 wounded



All forces

  • 1,230 killed
  • 2,807 captured


The Battle of Herodotus was and engagement between the UNSC and Rebel forces.

Pre-Battle Edit

Herodotus was a rather peaceful city, the civilians never retaliated in any way. The UNSC military presence was limited to a battalion of under-trained reserve troops to guard several military hospitals where wounded from distant battles are tended to.

The battleEdit

Knight's forces were split into two sections, the first attacking at the southern edge of the city encircling many hospitals and defensive positions. The second force was scattered along the western and eastern parts of the city with orders to get as entrenched as possible, while artillery and mortar fire targeted the northern roads and regions in between rebel and UNSC positions. At some point Colonel Bicker was shot in the chest and ordered Major Pentrovy to surrender his forces to Commander Knight. Colonel Bicker eventually succumbed to his wounds.

Commander Knight accepted the unconditional surrender, upon the stand-down of UNSC troops, she ordered the confiscation their weapons and for her forces to provide any assistance to the UNSC wounded.


The UNSC eventually counter-attacked.

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