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 "They were better off not declaring it war, once we knew them as an enemy we were not going to see another Kale

Battle of HerculesEdit

    The manufacturing and armment capitol of rebuilt UNSC was attacked by the Balaho Empire for the first time in 2570 during the UNSC-Balaho Empire War

   Contrary to the less successful battle of Pompeii a constantly refueled fleet continued to arrive at the planet for the first few hours of the battle over the planet, at least a dozen ships successfully landed troops onto the planet. However the planets array of seventy nine orbital defense stations along with a fleet of one hundred ships indluding dozens of destroyers the enemy fleets didnt last long in space. The planet is also the most heavily armed in all of UNSC space and so the planets surface defenses kept the invasionary troops from entering population centers. The Unggoy retreated after losing two hundred ships and only taking out thirty UNSC ships and none of the defense stations. 

Second Battle of HerculesEdit

    A year later in 2571 the Empire returned for a second attack likely under the assumption that the planet did not rebuild its defenses. A fleet of 300 ships arrived but faced 150 unsc warships, this time sporting a dozen or more Deliverance class ships which, cloaked attacked the enemy from the rear. ten UNSC ships were lost. The Unggoy fleets were so confused they were barely able to fire a shot when the UNSC had won the battle, only 50 Unggoy ships escaped. 

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