The Battle of Eagle's Nest


Reclaimer vs. Culdon

  • Infection War


March 5th, 2552


Eagle's Nest


Reclaimer Team "Army"


Reclaimer Team "Army"

Culdon Army

  • Infection Lurkers

Captain AJ Reynolds

  • Sergeant Gregory

Onne 'Gifutee


15 MP Minors (10 Infected)

  • 6 MP Majors (4 Infected)
  • 3 MP Heavies
  • 1 MP Commando (Infected)

45 Sangheili Minors (35 Infected)

  • 30 Sangheili Majors (25 Infected)
  • 6 Sangheili Officers (4 Infected)
  • 4 Sangheili Ultras (2 Infected)

10 MP Minors (Infected: 10)

  • 4 MP Majors (Infected: 4)
  • 1 MP Commando (Infected)

45 Sangheili Minors (Infected: 35)

  • 30 Sangheili Majors (Infected: 25)
  • 4 Sangheili Officers (Infected: 2)
  • 4 Sangheili Ultras (Infected: 2)
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This article, Battle of Eagle's Nest, is currently under active construction. The author, Alex Lioce, apologizes for the inconvenience.

The Battle of Eagle's Nest was a Battle between the UNSC'S Reclaimer Team (along with it's allies) against the Culdon's Army and later against the Infected Lurkers. 

Battle HistoryEdit

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