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Operation: TREBUCHET

Battle of Death Jungle




March 12 - 19, 2513


UNSC Pyrrhic victory


United Nations Space Command


  • Eridanus Rebels


  • Unnamed Marine Colonel†
  • Oliver Knight†


  • Elizabeth Knight

1st Marine Regiment

  • 5,000

Relief: Entire 1st Marine Division

  • 20,000


  • 4517 killed
  • 300 wounded


"We made our stand and we stood strong, thinking of all we left behind. Too bad nobody back home cared."
—Sgt. Michael Benoy, to Korhall Global Times.

The Battle of Death Jungle was a battle between the UNSC and Insurrectionists and is part of Operation: TREBUCHET.


Part of Operation:TREBUCHET, the UNSC inserted ground forces onto the planets largest continent to install Marshal Law and eliminate Insurgents.

Battle Edit

Communication broke down as an Insurrectionist army managed to assault between the vanguard regiment and the main force. The 1st Marine's were in charge of clearing out a dense jungle with rebel activity present. The Regiment took contact from hostile artillery, they immediately attempted to out flank the enemy but ran into ground resistance, hours later, the Regiment began to take contact from the rear and both sides. Without any way of notifying friendly forces of their grave situation, their only option was to go on the defensive. On the third day without communication, a platoon managed to advance the 6 o'clock appear to a small hill, with a small break in the fighting. A lone Marine from the platoon was sent back to notify the Command of their new position, but ended up going the wrong way. That lone Marine managed to make it through Insurgents lines, even getting into a small post before the rebels realized who he was. After a small firefight which wounded the Corporal, he fled and managed to make it to a friendly position early morning, and notified an NCO before passing unconscious.


March 12, 2513Edit

  • 0500 Hours: UNSC forces meet their first major hurdle - a thick jungle. The 1st Marine Regiment is sent as a vanguard through it.

March 13, 2513Edit

  • 2200 hours: Halfway through the jungle, artillery bombardment hits the vanguard.
  • 2210 hours: Bombardment stops, radios rendered useless for several hours due to short-range E.M.P. blast. Insurrectionists attack and surround.


  • Death Jungle is named because of initial Marine casualties and later Army casualties.

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