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Bantam Class Destroyer
Bantam-Class Destroyer
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Ship-to-ship combat, Fleet support

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Description Edit

The Bantam-Class Destroyer was designed in conjunction with the Obelus-Class Assault Carrier and shares a similar aesthetic Design to its larger cousin. The Bantam is highly armored and packs a devesatating armament of weapon systems. These ships are often responsible for expeditionary assault forces, patrol battlegroups, and fleet support.

Designed for ship-to-ship combat the Bantam utilizes mostly heavy weapons systems to include missiles and energy based or mass acceleration weapons to deliver debilitating blows to like-sized and larger warships. In conglomeration with anti-fight frigates such as the Deliverance-Class Assault frigate, a capitol ship can be well defended.

Physical Description Edit

Similarly to the Obelus-Class Assault Carrier the Bantam-Class Destroyer features a large protruding shell like hull structure which houses the majority of its missile bays, plasma torpedo launchers, a single large MAC, and a small energy projector.

Towards the midsection this shell structure joins the actual body of the frigate and its port and starboard sides each sport a single multi vehicle hanger bay. Forward of these outboard bays are plasma torpedo bays on the port and starboard of the ship.

Further to the stern of the ship are additional armor plating shields protecting engine nacelles which house two small engines on the port and starboard sides. The main engine units of the ship include one large engine and two small engines just below the larger main engine thruster.

History Edit

Introduced by the Concord of Humanity in 2680 the Bantam-class Destroyer featured the military might of Humanity's military which was the backbone of the Milky Way Alliance.

Ships of the line Edit

  • CoH Bantam (namesake ship)

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