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"I will never see my people neither enslaved nor pressed so strenuosley within our confines to slaughter our own kin for living space. The Unggoy shall be recognised through respectable or otherly means. Our indepenence and true might while long over-due is at hand." -First Emperor: Gole Dup before his crew after his officially sieze of Balaho under the newly founded Imperial faction. 


    After the collapse of the Covenant and further more the dissolution of the Remnant Covenant forces who employed the Unggoy their species was able to return to their world and resume a form of independent growth. Wisely the Unggoy did not allow either previous faction to fade away with all it's riches and so the Unggoy had been pirating valuable technology and reverse engineering it for many years building up the potential for technological prows. 

    Upon returniing the many tribes of Unggoy formed a loose senate which governed the species at large. Driven primarily by colonies wishing to to have individual tribal represenation regardless of origin tribe but also politicaly indecision similar to republican-democratic views the republic was split asunder and flown into civil warfare within a year of its establishment. 

    While costly a respected Unggoy, Gole Dup rose on an outer colony and saught to claim both Unggoy allegience and the homeworld. Over time The civil war become narrowed with the Balaho Originalists Fighting Goles colonial rebel army. The later rose victorious and conqured the planet claiming rulership and forming the Balaho Empire. 

Technological Prows Edit

   Civil warfare following the collapse of two former slave factions had forced the Unggoy to become masters of research and secrecy. Following the UNSC-Unggoy Conflict many Humans regard the Unggoy species as more devious than the well known pirate race, Kig Yar. 

   The Unggoy not only scavenged old Covenant technologies but also improved upon their own caste within the system of the covenant. While independent of the similarly purposed EMP gun of the UNSC the unggoy fashioned the strongest known weaponized EMP cannon to be ship mounted.The Unggoy were also known to search out and scavenge old forerunner technologies and with little oppression the species boomed rapidly.

    Possibly the most renown technological acheivement of the Unggoy Empire is the ability to camofluage there ships from all formed of sensor and visual abilities. This advancement played a crucial role in the UNSC-Empire Conflict and would lead to the UNSC employing the same technology later on.

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